Friday, December 1, 2017

Polarized Glasses for Fishing

In addition to being the owner of Tsaina Lodge in Alaska, Jeffery Scott Fraser is an investor in Job Pose, a company that matches job seekers with employers through new and innovative methods. Away from business, Jeffery S. Fraser enjoys fishing. 

One of the biggest problems anglers have while fishing is a lack of visibility due to glare. Sunlight reflects from the water’s surface and makes seeing below the surface nearly impossible. 

Fortunately, polarized sunglasses drastically cut glare by limiting horizontal light rays. This means anglers can visually inspect the water for fish or likely grouping spots, such as a downed log or underwater grass. 

The added visibility greatly cuts down on guesswork. Anglers see the most benefit from polarized lenses when the water is calm and the sun’s altitude is between 30 and 60 degrees. On choppy water, such as the ocean, polarized glasses do not work as well since light reflects from all different angles.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Snowboarding in the Valdez, Alaska, Region

Jeffery S. Fraser has owned the Tsaina Lodge in Alaska since 2011. He is also an investor with Job Pose, a company that excels in pairing job seekers and employers. Located in Valdez, Alaska, Jeffery Fraser enjoys pursuing a number of outdoors interests, including snowboarding.

One of the world’s finest snowboarding destinations, Valdez includes some of the most challenging and scenic opportunities for heli-skiing and -snowboarding experiences. The surrounding Chugach Range offers expansive, visually stunning helicopter-accessible terrain that consists of 50-degree steeps and glacial powder runs spanning half a mile. The longest runs of the Chugach are comprised of 5,500 vertical feet of clean powder.

Compared to Canadian heli-boarding excursions, Alaskan heli-boarding terrain is significantly larger, thanks in part to a considerably lower timberline. The ample space provided by the range allows operators in the Chugach region to develop long ramps and take advantage of natural elements, such as half pipes and giant bowls.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Three Innovative Hunting Gadgets Worth Checking Out

A former executive in the technology sector, Jeffery Scott Fraser now manages and owns Alaska's Tsaina Lodge. When not busy maintaining the lodge, Jeffery S. Fraser enjoys hunting. 

Although some hunters argue that improved technology has taken some of the challenge out of their favorite pastime, hundreds of tech-related gadgets have still gained immense popularity among hunters. Here are three helpful hunting gadgets.

1. Firefly wind detector - This camouflage-wrapped hand device can sense the slightest of wind movements, including those undetectable by humans. Within three seconds of pressing the main button, the simple-to-use device presents a report of the wind on its LCD screen.

2. Ozonic device - This nifty device changes the oxygen molecules that carry human scent into ozone molecules, which are undetectable by animals. As a result, animals are more likely to wander into areas they might have otherwise avoided.

3. Halo Xtanium P1000X rangefinder - Developed by Wildgame Innovations, this water-resistant rangefinder offers up to six times magnification as well as a reflective target of 1,000 yards. Ideally used for moving animals, the device’s scan mode allows the user to track multiple targets with ease.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Casablanca’s Awards and Accolades

An experienced business executive and entrepreneur, Jeffery S. Fraser is a current investor in the job-matching firm Job Pose and the owner of Tsaina Lodge in Alaska. Outside of his professional work, Jeffery Fraser is a fan of Casablanca.

Released in 1942 and 1943, Casablanca is an American drama film set during World War II. Filmed in Hollywood and distributed by Warner Brothers, the film collected $3.7 million at the box office on a budget of $878,000. 

Casablanca received positive critical acclaim and has continued to grow in popularity over time. In addition to winning academy awards for best picture, best director, and best adapted screenplay, the film has been recognized multiple times, including by noted film critic Roger Ebert, as the best film of all time. Moreover, the United States National Film Registry decided to preserve Casablanca due to its cultural significance, and the film was entered into the Online Film & Television Association Hall of Fame.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Casablanca Poster Artist Reveals Key Element Missing from Early Drafts

Jeffery Scott Fraser invests in Job Pose, a company working to improve the methods used to match employers with people seeking jobs. Also the owner of Alaska’s Tsaina Lodge, Jeffery S. Fraser counts the 1942 classic Casablanca as his favorite movie. 

In a 2013 interview with the design blog UnBeige, artist and movie poster designer Bill Gold revealed that early drafts of his iconic Casablanca poster were missing a key prop that ties the whole poster together: Humphrey Bogart’s gun. The image of Bogart pointing his gun while wearing a white fedora and trench coat is lifted from the film’s finale, in which Bogart uses said gun to shoot the Nazi commander who was chasing him.

In the interview, Gold relayed that the Casablanca poster was one of his first, and that he’d thought a montage showing all of the film’s major characters would be enough. Upon review, however, the powers-that-be requested Gold add more excitement to the scene, inspiring him to add Bogart’s gun to the poster. 

Now in his 90s, Bill Gold is responsible for a number of other iconic film posters, including those for The Exorcist, Unforgiven, A Clockwork Orange, Dirty Harry, and Alien.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Olympic Slopestyle Scoring

Jeffery Scott Fraser is an experienced business executive and entrepreneur who holds a PhD from Capella University. A former CEO of software firm NIC Inc., Jeffery S. Fraser is currently involved with Job Pose, a job matching firm, and serves as the owner of Tsaina Lodge in Alaska. An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Fraser also enjoys fishing and snowboarding.

A winter Olympic sport, snowboarding can be broken down into several disciplines which include half pipe, freestyle, and slopestyle among others. In a slopestyle competition, competitors snowboard down a course filled with obstacles and attempt to complete different types of tricks. 

Scoring for Olympic slopestyle events is administered by six judges from the Federation Internationale de Ski in several areas. In addition to amplitude, which includes safely landing jumps, and the overall difficulty of a run, snowboarders are judged on execution. Improper hand and board placement, poor landings, or falls can all affect an execution score. Moreover, incorporating a variety of different tricks and completing completely new tricks can boost a slopestyle score.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tips for Graduates Looking for Jobs

An entrepreneur in the tourism and hospitality industry, Jeffery Scott Fraser owns Tsaina Lodge, near Valdez, Alaska. He holds a BS and MS in human resource management and management information systems from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. In addition to his role at Tsaina Lodge, Jeffery S. Fraser is an investor in Job Pose, a company that matches job seekers with employers. 

For young graduates, looking for a job is a job in itself. It entails researching opportunities, applying for them, networking with professionals, attending interviews, negotiating offers, and (hopefully) getting the job. 

First, prepare yourself for the journey. Set aside five hours each day to researching jobs and preparing your applications for each. Do not send a boilerplate application to every company in the hope that one will respond, as that method rarely works. Instead, update your details so that you appeal to each company individually. 

Next, network actively with professionals in your field. Pay a visit to your school’s careers office. Besides career opportunities, you’ll find programs that connect graduates with mentors and grant access to networking opportunities. Attend your school’s alumni events and actively seek helpful contacts. Register as a member of a professional organization and attend their events. Make meaningful connections with the people working in a company you would like to join. Not only does this show interest, but your contacts can help you prep for an oncoming interview.

Remember to use social media wisely. Research the best apps or social media sites for professionals in your field and join these platforms. While there, communicate your strengths. Project the unique skills and expertise you acquired at your last internship, while serving on a student organization, or while doing your course projects. Highlighting experiences that show your strengths will help you know what to include in your resume and help you to answer career-based questions during interviews.