Friday, August 26, 2016

Classes of Rock Climbing Difficulty

With considerable experience, including at Foot Locker, Webber Real Estate, and AT&T, Dr. Jeffery Scott Fraser functioned for several years as the CEO of NIC Inc. in Olathe, Kansas. He now splits his time between Wyoming and Alaska, where he owns and operates the Tsaina Lodge. An outdoorsman, Dr. Jeffery S. Fraser spends his spare time on activities that include paragliding and rock climbing.

Rock climbing can be categorized as a sport or hobby in which athletes scale indoor or outdoor rock formations. Outdoor events typically take place on natural rock formations while indoor events feature artificial walls. Rock climbing includes a variety of styles, such as bouldering and top roping, and utilizes the Yosemite Decimal System (YDS) to assess the difficulty of climbs.

The YDS consists of five classes, with the fifth class being applicable to rock climbing. The other classes measure other outdoor formations such as trails or bike paths. The fifth class of the system ranges from a 5.0 to 5.13, with the lower number indicating an easier climb. A 5.13 rating represents an extreme level of difficulty, as it reflects a smooth-as-glass rock wall with overhanging rock formations. Alternatively, rock formations at the lower ends of the scale generally include a large number of footholds for both hands and feet.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Alaskan Adventures at the Tsaina Lodge

Experienced businessman and entrepreneur Dr. Jeffery Scott Fraser operated for nearly two decades as the CEO of NIC Inc. Dividing his time between Wyoming and Alaska Dr. Jeffery S. Fraser now focuses on restoring the historic Tsaina Lodge with his wife.

Located on Thompson Pass in Valdez, Alaska, the Tsaina Lodge is a contemporary resort and lodge that features 24 guest rooms. In addition to being nestled amongst a wild but pristine Alaskan setting, the lodge itself boasts locally sourced fine dining, spa and fitness rooms, reading rooms, and other comforts. Guests can also participate in a variety of custom excursions that are easily accessible via the onsite helipad.

Guest activities at the Tsaina Lodge include guided and unguided excursions. Guided activities, which include equipment and instruction, take advantage of Alaska’s rivers, mountains, and glaciers. Some examples include mountain biking, rafting, fishing, and glacier trekking. Unguided activities occur around the lodge itself and include yoga, cooking, and trail hiking. For additional information, visit

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Four of the Highest Rated Airports in the United States


A retired entrepreneur with more than 20 years of executive experience, Jeffery Scott Fraser launched several successful startups over the course of his career. Jeffery Fraser spends his retirement traveling between Wyoming and Alaska, where he operates the historic Tsaina Lodge.

Frequent travelers often visit many different airports, leading to some of the best and worst airport experiences. The following list includes some of the highest-rated US airports to fly in or visit.

1. Tampa International Airport (TPA): innovative and convenient, the Tampa International Airport was designed over 50 years ago and still maintains its sense of panache and charm. It features a series of shuttles that transport people between the central terminal and its various satellites, a unique service at the time it opened. Its proximity to downtown also makes it a highly-rated airport.

2. Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS): rated among the top five airports for leisure and travel, Austin-Bergstrom International offers exceptional dining locations and six live music venues for travelers and locals alike.

3. Nashville International Airport (BNA): Nashville International serves as a cultural hub with live music by local performers and rotating mixed-media art exhibits. Its small size makes it quick and easy to navigate, and it offers an old-country charm in design. Additionally, it has one of the lowest rates of delay among US airports.

4. Indianapolis International Airport (IND): efficiency meets Midwestern charm at the Indianapolis International Airport, which features the circular Civic Plaza at its center. It also possesses a security checkpoint system designed to help passengers breeze through procedures set by the Transportation Security Administration. Additionally, concourses offer a range of favorite eateries.