Monday, April 17, 2017

Types of Specialty Shots in Tennis

Jeffery Scott Fraser owns the Tsaina Lodge, a seasonal 24-room inn near Valdez, Alaska. Prior to taking over the lodge in 2011, Jeffery Fraser attended Baker University and Friends University in Kansas, where he played tennis.

The three main types of shots used by tennis players are forehand, backhand, and the overhead serve. However, a simple forehand or backhand shot might not be available to the player at different times during a rally, or another type of specialty shot might work more in the player's favor. Below are three frequently used specialty shots.

1. The approach shot can be either a forehand or backhand and is hit while the player is approaching the net, forcing his or her opponent to play on the defensive.

2. The passing shot is generally used by players on the defensive reacting to an approach shot. The goal of a passing shot is to hit the ball along the baseline, wide of the player at the net. It's a high-risk, high-reward shot. 

3. One of the more difficult shots to perfect, the drop shot requires a soft touch and superior ball control. It's best executed with one's opponent on the run, particularly at the back of the court, where they might be unable to reach the lightly hit ball in time.

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