Friday, June 2, 2017

Olympic Slopestyle Scoring

Jeffery Scott Fraser is an experienced business executive and entrepreneur who holds a PhD from Capella University. A former CEO of software firm NIC Inc., Jeffery S. Fraser is currently involved with Job Pose, a job matching firm, and serves as the owner of Tsaina Lodge in Alaska. An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Fraser also enjoys fishing and snowboarding.

A winter Olympic sport, snowboarding can be broken down into several disciplines which include half pipe, freestyle, and slopestyle among others. In a slopestyle competition, competitors snowboard down a course filled with obstacles and attempt to complete different types of tricks. 

Scoring for Olympic slopestyle events is administered by six judges from the Federation Internationale de Ski in several areas. In addition to amplitude, which includes safely landing jumps, and the overall difficulty of a run, snowboarders are judged on execution. Improper hand and board placement, poor landings, or falls can all affect an execution score. Moreover, incorporating a variety of different tricks and completing completely new tricks can boost a slopestyle score.

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