Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Preparing for Cold Weather Hunting

Jeffery Scott Fraser is the manager and owner of the Tsaina Lodge, where he is tasked with managing the daily operations and guest relations of the establishment. On his free days, Jeffery S. Fraser can be found hunting.

Hunting during cold weather can be extremely challenging as well as uncomfortable. Here are some tips hunters can use to fight the cold temperatures, enabling them to hunt while still keeping warm and safe.

1 - Eat the right kind of food and drink hot liquids. 

Eating plenty of carbohydrates and drinking warm liquids throughout the day will help keep hunters warm from the inside out. 

2 - Wear proper clothing.

Double up on hats and bring boot blankets. Wear two winter hats that are made of wool or fleece. When stationary for long periods do not forget to slip the boot blankets over the hunting boots.

3 - Take plenty of heat packs.

Hunters should invest in large disposable heat packs that are designed for the larger parts of the body. Put against the core of the body these will take away a chill during sub-freezing hunting trips.

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